Best Dressed Clubbers: Week two

Ft. Wavey garms

Week 2 brought something Oxford probably has never witnessed before in it’s venerable history: more than four “alternative” club nights. As such it is only appropriate our feature this week celebrates all the “wavey” (and wavy) garms and arms.

Who’s ready for a game of spot the neck choker?

Points given for witty top text, points deducted for smiling in Cellar

Undercut+geometric print+choker+super natural poses = hipster perfection

Clean up in aisle 5: Ke$ha’s gone and vomited glitter and fur everywhere

“OH EM GEE, have you seen that Bridge reject over there in the ironed white shirt? VOMMMM” All about dat creased, patterned shirt vibe.

Because glitter. And because one Ralph Lauren logo is apparently too mainstream

Some serious magic show chic going down here.

Guys can rock floral kimonos too.

Velvet crush

Club Tropicana (except the Red Stripe isn’t free) vibes with this necklace. And what an inventive way to wear a windbreaker. Hipster practicality for ya

This fine young gentleman simultaneously manages to show Kanye how to wear leather trousers and Miley how to twerk