Preview: Hilda’s Ball

We knew you wanted one – another ball preview!

Give us the low down. What are the vital stats for the ball?

Price: At £69 pounds for non-dining and £95 for dining, we are the cheapest summer Ball in Oxford!! (Sorry Anne’s – you lied). Date: 3rd of May. Location: St Hilda’s College

Hilda’s in the summer

Fin de siecle has been a popular theme in the last few years (Merton 2013, Regent’s Park 2013, St Anne’s 2014) – what’s going to make Hilda’s stand out this year?

Well, many things really, as you will see in just a moment. But for starters: LASERQUEST. Yes…we have laserquest. Yes…you can run around in a dark room with thirty of your friends showing off your awesome laserskillz, proving to yourself and the world how you could have made it as a secret agent, and would definitely win the Hunger Games if you were ever put in that situation.

Also, I repeat: IT IS THE CHEAPEST SUMMER BALL IN OXFORD! But actually a proper Ball, not a glorified bop. 

Not something from Doctor Who

Balls are about 40% food. What can I eat and drink?

Those with dining tickets will be able to tuck into a delicious four-course menu featuring a foray of rich, provocative French cuisine – final menu details have just been released on our website and facebook page! For informal dining, we have tons on offer, including G&D’s, candyfloss, a gourmet barbeque, rustic beef Bourguignon, and more to be confirmed!

As always, the alcohol will be unlimited, starting with a champagne reception and continuing with a selection of vibrant cocktails throughout the night among other libations. It seems like there is something for everyone! And as it’s the cheapest…there’s really no excuse.

I want to burn off the calories from all the food I just ate. Can you reveal any musical entertainment acts?

We can indeed! We have excellent music acts lined up, including Collector’s Club (featured in Made In Chelsea), Teddy and Dot’s Funk Odyssey, as well as Hilda’s very own Jack and the Beanstalks who will be returning for the third year in a row. We will be ending the night with a silent disco with DJs from Babylove (Action Stations) and Cellar (RUNDFUNK).

For those still waiting for their food coma to wear off, you can relax in our shisha bar and listen to several more acts which we have lined up for our acoustic stage.

£5 in Babylove or £69 at Hilda’s

Can you promise they won’t pull out like Foxes did for Catz ball?

Hilda’s students are nicknamed ‘Hildabeasts’ for a reason…we can be a very threatening bunch.

What fun activities are there for me to do?

We will be bringing you a huge 25ft sq bouncy castle – THE LARGEST BOUNCY CASTLE EVER AT AN OXFORD BALL. On top of that we have sumo wrestling so you can battle to the death with that tute partner who keeps on showing you up, or any other enemy you may have. If you’ve made quite a few enemies in your time here then there is also our thirty-player game of laserquest, and even giant connect 4 and an oversized game of chess for those who prefer a mental battle. However, if you are a peaceful person, without such vendettas, then you can act all silly-like with your friends in our interactive photobooth.

Your tagline is “venez vous perdre avec nous.” Will I really get lost?

The good news is no! Hilda’s is a small college, just big enough to pack it full of awesome food, drink and entertainment, but still be charmingly intimate, and with a stunning view of the river Cherwell. However, you will indeed get lost in all the excitement, and quite possibly the bouncy castle…(did I mention it is the largest bouncy castle ever at an Oxford ball?)

Can I have a free ticket?

YES YOU CAN!!! If you become a college rep and bring 10 friends to Hilda’s Ball then a free ticket is all yours! We will also be having competitions very soon for the chance to win more free tickets, so follow our facebook page very closely for the details.