A Look Ahead to Hilary With Oxide Radio

We caught up with some of the station’s best loved D-jocks, Sarah Abdoo and Pete Musson, to talk ‘chat’.

Matt: Hi pals, for those of us who haven’t listened before, who are you and what do you do at Oxide Radio?

Sarah: Oxide is pretty diverse, actually! We have shows that range from general music stuff, speech and drama, LGBTQ themed shows… the lot really! Speaking for The Breakfast Show, I basically do what I want with it. I play the music I like, interview the people I find interesting, and talk about idiotic things both I and friends have done. It’s my weekend therapy.

Abdoo: Voice of the people

M: Who are your radio heroes?

Peter: Despite his questionable extra-curricular activities, Craig Charles was always someone I’d love to emulate as a radio D-jock. He had the style and panache that someone like Wogan couldn’t understand. Anyway, I don’t get too bogged down on influence etc. After all, I like to think that I have new things to say, both in style and in things to say.

M: What exciting things have you got planned for us in Hilary?

S: Having said I do it for me, now I get to tell you about what the oxide team have been organising for you! On 1st Feb (the saturday of 2nd week), we’ve got a really cool ‘live lounge’ event, ‘The All Day Breakfast Club’ happening at the Phoenix Picturehouse. It’s going to be a really relaxed, fun and FREE day for whoever wants to come along to hear some really good live music from the big names in Oxford’s open-mic scene.

We’re also organising OMG (Oxford’s Massive Giveaway) that will be happening throughout the term. So keep your eyes peeled! We’ll be giving away free haircuts, free food, discounted tickets to stuff- for the stingy and the broke – all you need to do is listen in to the shows and ring up to win!

Few have earned the title of ‘national treasure’ quite like Craig Charles

M: How have you cultivated your radio voice?

P: I try to maintain a healthy voice, and I’m largely successful. There’s the odd mishap, but – law of averages – you can’t get it right every time. Few tips for any youngsters: The larynx is to be kept as versatile as possible. But it’s not as simple as it sounds; you can’t summon tumescence like room service.

M: That’s really excellent. How can we tune in?

S: You can hear Pete and I on the Breakfast Show every Saturday morning from 10-12 and the rest of the team on Sunday at the same time.

M: How do you maintain and sustain your core listenership in what has been described as an increasingly fragmented marketplace?

P: There is always room for rebranding and new ideas at Oxide. We’re wonderfully slippery. In short, we can shape ourselves to the way you want it to be. A fragmented marketplace is certainly one way of describing the collegiate system but it’s through uni-wide events in favourite hang-out venues such as this that allows our ‘broadcasting’ to take place from both outside and inside the studio.

Pete Musson: A great face for radio

M: Do you podcast?

S: When we interview people who we think are entertaining, we put the interviews up on the website, so you can do some ‘anytime listening’! Sexy.
With that in mind, you can have a listen to what is my personal favourite- my interview with Jamie Laing (MIC). It was one of the most surreal 20 minutes of my life and listening back to it, I realised that I was twice as drunk as him – He said some pretty embarrassing things, but I think I topped him.

M: Pete, anything else to add?

P: No.

You can listen to The Breakfast Show every Saturday 10am – 12pm