Hotlist: Week 1

Cultural and clubbing highlights in Oxford this week

We say “culture”, we really mean club nights and comedy

Supermarket @ Babylove

Start as you mean to go on. Get down to Babylove for profuse sweating and great music.

When: Thursday

Where: Babylove

Details: here


Burning Down the House @ Babylove with Pumpkin Soup for Tartuffe

Double whammy – a night of punk, new-wave and 80s alongside a theatrical production of Tartuffe by Moliere (that’s a French seventeenth-century playwright if you didn’t know).

When: Wednesday

Where: Babylove

Details: here


Oxford Imps Taster Workshop @ BT Studio

If you’ve ever fancied being an improv comedian (who hasn’t), this Friday go to the BT and get taught on how to be funny. (Book a place first though.)

When: Friday

Where: Burton Taylor Studio

Details: here