Davids Talk is Mindgoggling

Footballing legend confuses and charms students at the Oxford Union.

edgar davids Football Union

Edgar Davids wowed students this week with an at times baffling, but always entertaining, talk at the Oxford Union.

The former Dutch international began his address to a packed room with a rather confusing, but still motivational speech.

Davids, who famously appeared on the cover of FIFA 2003, spoke about the ‘Four dimensions of success: mind, body, spirit and heart’ before embarking on a series of puzzling metaphors revolving around cars and planes.

Tot of the pops, Davids in action during his time at Tottenham

The Dutchman closed his speech by inviting the audience to ‘discover yourselves and unlock your personal power’, demonstrating the motivational skills that have seen him prove a smash hit as player/manager of League 2 Barnet.

The talk was then opened up to the floor with questions allowing Davids to give intriguing insights into his career and football in general.

Asked which was the best team he played in, the former Barcelona, AC Milan and Ajax star plumped for Juventus saying ‘we had two or three exceptional players, the rest were average’, adding ‘I consider myself average’ to laughs from the crowd. Davids stressed that though Juventus ‘didn’t have the best players, we had the best results’.

Davids’ current club are a far cry from Barcelona and Milan

Quizzed about why he chose to manage Barnet Davids explained he wanted to ‘learn how it is to be a coach’. Referring to the Barnet players he needed to ‘find out if you can really teach them something’.

The famously be-goggled midfielder also looks set to stay on these shores for a while telling the crowd ‘I feel at home in England, I can do so much more here than in Holland’.

Faced with a question about how he would react to a player walking off the pitch due to racist abuse the Surinamese born superstar noted that such action might punish normal fans who have had to ‘sacrifice time and money’ to attend matches. Davids though did recommend large fines and points penalties for clubs found guilty of racism.

Questions about Davids career produced some surprising answers. Asked who was the best team-player he had played alongside he responded ‘Paolo Montero is my number 1!’ praising the Uruguayan defender’s ‘impact, energy and guidance’.

The Barnet boss also revealed a playful side responding to an Aldershot fan’s question of who would be getting relegated from League 2 with ‘You are baby!’ as well as revealing his love of the films 300 and Gladiator.

Davids’ talk proved equal parts bizarre and entertaining and the dreadlocked star was kind enough to chit-chat and pose with fans in the Union bar following the talks’ conclusion.