Sex In The Cities

Oxford reaches fourth base in online poll…

Their eyes met across the library, as she caressed her paper with the tip of her rigid pen and seductively flicked the pages of ‘Modern Quantum Mechanics’.

“Daym, this place should be renamed the Bad Cam,” he whispered sensually into her ear.

With Valentines fever spreading fast, is it any wonder that Oxford has been voted fourth sexiest location in the UK?

“Coming into the closet”

A study has ranked the top ten ‘Sexiest Cities’ in the UK, based on the number of kinky stories sold per capita.

The poll revealed Nottingham (or, ‘Hottingham’) as the UK’s top ‘Sexiest City’, with Cambridge coming a close second.

The study by SourceWire also found smaller cities to have more erotic novel readers per capita, and the South to produce more erotic novel readers than the North.

So it would seem Oxford residents have been making stealthy disappearances between the shelves of Blackwell’s in search of the shop’s most erotic works.

The Tab recommends bestselling titles such as ‘The Mammoth Book of Threesomes’ (for bored maths students) and ‘To Command and Collar’ (for JCR presidents).

“Gingers have all the fun”

Will you be turning your textual fantasies into reality this Thursday?

Harry Potter fans might indulge in casting an ‘engorgio’ charm on their lover’s wand. Or perhaps, you fancy being a Lord of the Ring. Old hobbits die hard after all.

If this has got you all hot-under-the-collar and you can’t wait until the 14th, why not check this out.