Heartbreak for LMH

LMH fall to Hugh’s at League Cuppers

| UPDATED Rugby League

On an incredibly foggy and cold morning, aside from the smell of VK soaked post-Bop players, the smell of Rugby League was in the air. The smell had quite a resemblance to the blood, sweat and tears Captain, Hugo Fearon and OURLFC President, Jack Baker had put in to organising the tournament, finding its new home in Michaelmas term.

With two teams pulling out at the last minute the chaff had been removed and the teams were streamlined into two groups. Hilda’s, LMH and Worcester battled for supremacy on one pitch, whilst St. Peter’s, Balliol and St.Hugh’s traded blows in a tucked away corner of Uni Parks.

With kick off slightly delayed by amateur orienteers running amok in skin tight lycra across the pitches, Hilda’s v LMH and Peter’s v Balliol kicked off. The relative inexperience of LMH could have been an issue, but organised by captain Liam Loftus with a blend of passion and fury were able to win. Peter’s three Blues, on the other hand, showed their fatigue from a fierce game the previous Wednesday and quickly lost their status as favourites by losing to Balliol.

Peter’s day went from bad to worse as they were once again defeated by relatively rugby minnows St. Hugh’s. Louis Pirkis’ three drops over the line left his side ruing his missed opportunities as Hugh’s were able to win 22-16 by superior physicality.

The Worcester team were by far the spectators’ favourites with a plucky attitude and borrowed kit, due to the player who was meant to bring it being sick on the way to the tournament. Nonetheless they were able to find a win and make the semi-finals.

St. Hugh’s were able to outmuscle Worcester with their trademark strength, whilst LMH electrified the Uni Parks audience (in no way similar to the cries of Expelliarmus heard from the nearby Quidditch game) as they were able to score a last minute try with their winger forward rolling the line to rub it in to Balliol’s faces.

Whittaker lifts the trophy

The final was set up and was a clash of Rugby personalities; LMH who warmed up before games and had a clean, matching kit and St. Hugh’s who were led by Catz debonair pivot Liam Whittaker flaunted his superior skill to the numerous defenders who failed to tackle him.

Hugh’s were able to take the lead with the skill of a team who knew the rules, but were soon pulled back by LMH. With their centre free in the corner it appeared he was about to level, but was brutally stopped by a blindsiding hit in the ribs causing him to drop the ball. Fortunately for LMH it rolled to their winger making the score 6-4. There was heartbreak for LMH late in the game though as Hugh’s were once able to bundle over the line and win Rugby League Cuppers.

Club President, Jack Baker, commented that “it was great to see so many lads playing rugby league” and was “very impressed with the standard of rugby league” for such an early stage in the season. After an exhilarating morning many players felt a refreshing change from the traditional forfeiture and ineptitude of some college union games in the lower divisions to a better standard of rugby league, with many showing an interest to join Oxford Rugby League at their Monday night training.