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The pub quizzes everyone in Notts should go to at least once

Get me to the pub now

If you’re looking for an excuse to go to the pub amid peak deadline season, but want to do something you can tell your family about and still look like an intellectual, this is the list for you. Nottingham has the perfect pub quizzes to make you feel like you’re good enough for University Challenge. If you’re feeling particularly challenging, sign yourself up for pub quiz society.

Horn in Hand – Monday at 7:30pm

The perfect place for a fun catch up and a quiz. The Horn in Hand is  located in the city centre and has special offers on drinks and cheap cocktails, what more could we ask for.  You can also have up to 10 team members and the question rounds have games between where you can win random prizes. The main prize for the winning team is a cash jackpot and entry only costs 50p.

Johnson Arms – Monday 9pm

Next up is the Johnson Arms, a fun local pub in Dunkirk. It is free entry for the quiz with 40 questions and drinks vouchers up for grabs. This is the ideal pub if you want a traditional pub quiz without any silly rounds or a packed bar, the perfect place to challenge yourself and have a quiet drink with your mates.

Water’s Edge – Wednesday 7pm

Another local pub with a great quiz atmosphere is the Water’s Edge who often hold themed quiz nights. This pub quiz is a guaranteed fun filled night for anyone with karaoke starting after the quiz, so if you do really badly you can always make up for it with your angelic singing voice afterwards.

Rose and Crown– Monday 8:30pm

This is perhaps the most intense quiz with 40 questions and buzzer rounds – scary. The quiz is free to enter and the winning team receive a gallon of beer so it’s still a fun quiz with an even better prize. If your trivia knowledge isn’t quite that of Anne Hegarty you can also go along for the food served until 9:45.

Sir John Boralse Warren – Tuesday 8pm

Another pub quiz with a jackpot for the winning team to claim is the Sir John Borlase Warren this cosy pub charges £1 entry and is a classic style quiz, with a quizmaster and a simple pen and paper. You can also be in for the chance to win gift vouchers for the pub if your team does well.

Rescue Rooms Wednesday 8pm

That’s right, Rescue Rooms host a pub quiz, who knew? This is the perfect pub quiz if you can’t decide whether or not to have a quiet drink or to go out afterwards. Entry is only 50p and prizes include tickets to events as well as cash prizes, making it the ideal pub quiz for you and your housemates.

The Playwright – Tuesday 7pm

Just being in the playwright on Shakespeare Street should make you feel smart. Overlooking Nottingham Trent’s Arkwright building ‘Josh’s quiz’ has “fantastic prizes to be won” and is a great general knowledge quiz with a chilled atmosphere.

Trent Navigation – Sunday 7pm

For the perfect end to your weekend head over to Trent Navigation to try and win eight drinks vouchers, the best part is that they have no expiry date. The quiz has free entry and half-time teaser questions, there is even a prize for the team with the best name, so we beg you to think of something better than Quizteam Aguilera.

The Three Wheatsheaves

Last and probably least. Head over to the beloved Sheaves for a pub quiz so bad its good, can’t hear the questions? Never mind, the drinks are cheap, and the atmosphere is buzzing. We recommend you go for the complete Nottingham student experience, even if the quiz itself isn’t the best it still has a special place in our hearts.

And remember you’ve got more chance of winning if you go to multiple quizzes, so unleash your inner quizzer and have a few drinks to boost team morale.

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