This is what Nottingham Uni course the I’m A Celebrity cast would study

Seann Walsh would deffo get a first in drama

Winter is on it’s way and it brings with it fantastic television. I’m A Celeb is back with a bang after two years in Wales, we have finally returned to Australia. This year is set to be the best yet,  already having been treated to Owen Warner in the shower and Matt Hancock eating a penis, there is still so much more to come.

If you’re anything like me, you’re glued to your screen at 9pm every night hoping today is the day Boy George tells Charlene that she’s too bossy and her mushrooms are raw. Ever wonder what the cast would be doing if they were 18 again at uni in Notts? Here’s what courses the I’m a Celeb cast would study if they were int Notts:

Matt Hancock – Economics

Matt Hancock is the definition of an Econ Boy. He’s already boasted about his vast knowledge of markets to his fellow campmates, and as everyone knows, people that do economics love to tell you that they do economics. He would be repulsed by someone asking why we can’t just print more money if we’re in a cost of living crisis and would definitely bring up the macroeconomic climate at a pres.

He’s always chatting up girls at Crisis but never buying them a drink because it’s not fiscally responsible. Apologies to the people I know who do econ, but Matt is one of you.

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Jill Scott – Nutrition 

While perhaps not the obvious choice for Jill, she loves making a tea. Not an episode goes by where she doesn’t offer someone tea. The lack of teabags will not stop her and the banana tea seemed to be a resounding success in camp. I can see Jill frequenting the Portland Building to try all the restaurants on the top floor. She always rates her meals and clearly has a great diet outside the jungle. If you ask me, Jill was wasted as a lioness.

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Mike Tindall – Civil Engineering with a placement year

Mike is the kinda guy that always tells you he has always wanted to “work with his hands” and doesn’t want a 9-5 desk job. He believes the only way to get a graduate job is if you did a placement year and he will tell everyone. He submitted 10 placement applications over the weekend but is really hoping to get BMW and he’s already looking into a masters because you can’t be an engineer without a masters.

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Sue Cleaver – Mental Health Nursing

Sue is quickly becoming the mum of the camp with her telling offs and sympathetic talks. It’s obvious that she would go into a caring field and if her pep talks are anything to go by, then mental health nursing is the field for her. She’s no nonsense but really believes in the value of talking to someone and is always a shoulder to cry on if you need it. Her hopes are that she can work for the NHS and help people struggling with their mental health. Sue loves her course and we all love Sue.

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Chris Moyles – Liberal Arts 

There are so many courses that Chris could do. If his conversations with Owen is anything to go by, he can do pretty much anything. Chris is definitely the kind of guy who isn’t sure on what he wants to do after uni but loves meeting new people and that’s why liberal arts is the course for him. He loves trying modules from every department and meeting people from loads of different courses. You’ll find him at Mooch every day after lectures and you’re lucky if he has time to speak to you with his packed social calendar. The only issue is when people ask him what he does at uni because he doesn’t know himself.

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Scarlette Douglas – Law

As a big believer in camp equality when it comes to the chores and cooking, law is the obvious choice for Scarlette. She definitely spend most of her time in Hallward or Monica Partridge. Scarlette’s not in it for the money and can think of nothing worse than doing contract law even if that is where the money is. She’s level headed but not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right when push comes to shove. She might cry when she sees a spider but there’s no spiders in court – or at least she hopes not.

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Charlene White – Business Management

Charlene runs a tight ship in the camp, much to the annoyance of the likes of Boy George and Scarlette. However, she gets stuff done and that’s why she wants to go into business management. While she can be a bit like marmite with her firm approach, that’s what makes her a successful business woman and she knows it. You’ll see Charlene around Jubilee campus on the daily and she’s always in Djanogly library. She’s aiming to be on Forbes 30 under 30 and wants to be someone people aspire to be. She has big dreams and the brains to achieve them.

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Babatunde Aleshe – International Media and Communications

If his conversations with Matt are anything to go off, Babatunde has a calling in media and I would pay good money to see it. He’s asking the questions everyone wants to know the answers to and saying what everyone else is thinking. Saying things as they really are, he called out Matt for grabbing “the bunda on the front page!”

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Seann Walsh – Drama

Seann was an undercover mole and was good at it. The bird noises were so convincing that even I nearly believed him and I knew he was lying. Having become fast friends with Matt, Seann is having to navigate the very strong opinions in camp and is pulling it off. Drama follows Seann and we all know about his Strictly Scandal. He was quite clearly destined for the stage and his dream is to play Hamlet one day, though he’s happy to start in the Nottingham New Theatre and work his way up. He didn’t choose drama, drama chose him.

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Olivia Attwood – Psychology dropout 

Olivia was excited for uni post A Levels and had bought all the Muji pens she could find. She stayed for Freshers’ Week spending all week skipping lectures in favour for Crisis and Ocean with her new besties. After her first lecture, she decided it wasn’t quite for her and moved out that weekend.  Fair enough Olivia, fair enough.

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Boy George – Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

If there is one thing we can take away from the jungle this year, it’s that Boy George loves to meditate. As a spiritual man, it only makes sense for him to want to do a degree where you have to think deeply on the daily. He would bring up a philosopher in nearly every conversation and comes out with one liners like “Everyone has to sit on the loo, everyone has to pee and poo”. Truly inspiring. He writes his essays to the sounds of the rainforest and it works because he never scores below 70.

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Owen Warner – Sports Science 

Owen definitely saw the word sports and thought he’d get to play football all day. He wears his PlayerLayer everywhere and is definitely a BNOC, but everyone loves him. Owen has “bleed green, roll gold” as his Instagram bio. As for his academic success, Owen went to uni not university, on his fourth attempt at first year because he didn’t realise just how much science was in sports science. That being said, he tries really hard and his lecturers tell him his lab reports are getting better.

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