How to save on bills as a Notts student

Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Can you pay my automo’ bills?

If you’ve not turned your heating on yet and you’re holding out in this East Midlands weather until December 1st, we’ve got you covered with seven simple tips on how to keep the bills low and not freeze this semester. Heating bills are a common argument amongst students, so avoid the drama and try these instead:

1) Employ your GCSE physics knowledge and use tinfoil

A roll of radiator foil from the DIY shop could be the best £14 you spend this term, one roll should easily do all the radiators in a shared house. However there is an alternative that you probably already have the supplies for lying around; flatten out your empty Amazon boxes or beer crates and cover one side with aluminium kitchen foil, shiny side out! Slide this contraption behind your radiator and feel cosier instantly. We love a science win.

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2)  Yes to towels on the floor 

If you’re not lucky enough to live with a Trent fashion student who can rustle up draft excluders with their scrap fabric, a rolled up towel or blanket placed on the floor by the door should block out that pesky chill.

3) Posters are so passé

Student houses are rarely insulated properly. A wall tapestry is a real investment to brighten up your room with a mandala or a retro print and hang something fuzzy between yourself and that ice-cold wall. Putting up curtains even if you have blinds also helps with this, you can find secondhand curtains in most charity shops and buy extendable curtain poles to avoid deposit deductions for wall damage.

shows bedroom with a wall tapestry hung up

4) Get a meter reading, ASAP

Many water bills are based off a standardised cost. Oftentimes this estimate is far greater than the cost of your actual water usage. Severn Trent will come out and fit a water meter free of charge, you just need written permission from your landlord.

5)  Smarter Showers 

Cut water usage by replacing the shower head in the bathroom with an ionic bead filled one. They use less water, the pressure is amazing and it’s much better for your skin and hair as it filters the hard water.

6)  Foolproof Flushing

This is a rogue one, but seems to work. Cut down a plastic bottle to size and place it in your toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water used per flush.

shows toilet cistern with cut down plastic bottle filled with water inside

7)  Going Dutch with your housemates 

Using a bill splitting app can be a great way to make sure you’re paying your fair share and definitely takes the headache out of reminding your housemates to pay up, as the apps can do it for you. Some good ones that have worked for me are “Acasa” and “Splitwise”. Much less hassle.

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