Jasmeen Parmar

Section Editor

Jasmeen Parmar
Nottingham University

University of Nottingham, student advice, features, university and student culture; student news; finance and business; placement years

  • Jasmeen is a Section Editor at The Tab Nottingham, where she focuses on editing features articles from writers, pitching articles and writing her own pieces
  • Her passion lies with writing features surrounding life as a Nottingham student as well as articles that provide advice to students on the more difficult parts of student life
  • Jasmeen took a year out of university to take on a placement year in London where she hopes to return one day


Jasmeen joined The Tab Nottingham in 2021 in her second year at university as a student contributor and took on an editorial role once returning to university after completing her placement


Jasmeen is in her final year of a Finance, Accounting and Management degree including a placement year, making her one of the few business students on The Tab Nottingham team


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