Talk to Tabitha: The Tab Notts is launching a new Agony Aunt

Advice is very much needed for Notts students

Uni life can be such a challenge, whether it’s rocky relationships, tiffs with your housemates or just struggling to find your feet in a new city, everybody needs a second opinion sometimes. When the workload is piling up and you’re on your last cup noodle, follow the link below to ask for advice from me.

It’s completely anonymous, as am I. I could be the girl you sit next to on the 34 bus or pass on the staircase in Hallward. Think of me as your Uni big-sister who’s definitely seen it all at this point. Talk to Tabitha is a totally judgement free zone and I’ll try my best to cheer you up and dispense some sage-like wisdom at the same time.

While I can’t advise you on things like mental health and legal issues, there are some great resources on campus and in the Nottingham area that can. I’m mainly here to help you live your best life at uni and actually get some studying done too.

I can’t wait to hear from you all soon! Definitely do as I say and not as I do.


Tabitha xoxo

Send your submissions in here.

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