Over £60,000 worth of fines handed out to Trent students for breaking Covid-19 rules

That’s not going to be very good for our reputation now is it

Nottingham Trent University have handed out more than £60,000 worth of fines to over 400 students for breaking Covid-19 rules.

The fines were given to students for holding parties and mass gatherings during the pandemic, despite current laws against household mixing in England.

An FOI carried out by the Nottingham Post also discovered that eight students have been suspended from their courses, but there hasn’t been any permanent exclusions as of yet.

Nottingham Trent University

The data also found that 1,031 disciplinary actions were taken during the autumn term when students returned to university after the first national lockdown, which resulted in 443 formal warnings placed on student’s records and 580 fines imposed overall.

It has been questioned where the funds received from these fines goes and NTU have confirmed that the money is added to the student hardship fund in order to support those who are struggling during their time at the university.

According to the university’s student handbook, students who are reported to the university could receive a warning letter and a fine up to £500.

Examples of breaking COVID guidelines, according to NTU, include:

– An unauthorised guest or guests at your place of residence

– A failure to self-isolate

– Organising or attending a party

– Recording or sharing videos of parties on social media

– Receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) from the local authorities

– Abusive or aggressive behaviour.

Meanwhile, multiple breaches will result in:

– Escalating fines

– A final written warning

– An investigation.

Depending on the severity of the incident, students may also be suspend from their studies and be referred to a ‘Serious Disciplinary Panel’. This could result in a permanent expulsion from NTU.

NTU’s webpage adds: ‘These are just examples. The sanction we impose will depend on the circumstances. We may even increase it. Please read the appendix for COVID guideline breaches alongside the full Student Code of Behaviour policy.’

A spokesperson for Nottingham Trent University said: “Our students understand that they – like everyone – must follow the government guidance and limit the spread of COVID-19. Our Student Code of Behaviour has been updated to reflect the fact that students need to comply with COVID-19 restrictions like everyone else. Where we have evidence of students not doing so we investigate swiftly. Students know there could be resulting consequences under our disciplinary processes, which can include community service, fines, and possible exclusion.”