The Tab Notts writers are growing moustaches to raise money for Movember

‘my ginger moustache is outright offensive’

This year, some of our writers at The Tab Notts are taking part in Movember, competing with each other to grow the best moustache they can in order to raise money for charity.

Movember is a fantastic charity that carries out invaluable work in preventing men dying before their time, specifically to suicide, prostate and testicular cancer.

With 3 out 0f 4 suicides in the UK by men, in a year that has been so treacherous to all of our mental health, our writers Freddy, Hugo, George and Dan decided to take part in raising money for Movember whilst growing splendid moustaches along the way. If you’re able to, donations can be made here.

Now that we’re three weeks into Movember, here is an update of how the moustache’s of each of our writers are coming along:

Freddy, a seasoned beard grower

“I’m doing Movember this year in support of their men’s mental health charities, as it’s a cause which is very close to me. Every year, I grow a moustache to try and raise as much as I can, but this year, I think it’s especially important.

“Lockdown has hit everyone hard, and in the face of a second one, many men may feel alone, but this is when its pivotal to raise awareness. I would definitely recommend that people donate, even a little bit, because you never know what that tiny amount may do, or just how far it will go to helping someone.

“It’s also a great opportunity to grow a moustache, because let’s face it, when you’re blessed with facial hair as good as mine, why hide it? It’s the one time of year I get to look like a sexy French man and no one can take the mick, because it’s for charity.”

George, a charitable King

“I’m pretty sure my desire to grow my outright offensive ginger moustache is the real reason I have remained single throughout my time at university. Every November I torment myself in the name of charity, but I fucking love it. It’s itchy, it’s sparse, but it’s mine. No one can take it away from me.

“Anyone who genuinely grows a full, thick moustache during November wasn’t hugged enough in their childhood, in my opinion. Speaking of not being hugged enough. The increasing discussion of mental health, but especially that of men’s mental health is extremely important to my family and I.

“I personally run a mens mental health page, promoting the active discussion of men’s struggles, and coping mechanisms to deal with anything life can throw at you. We live in a beautiful time, where expression of ones emotion is no longer universally stigmatised but accepted, and long may that continue.”

Dan, trying his best

“Day 19, the shadow on my upper lip is visible from up to 5 meters away, the Lime Scooters have returned to Lenton, nature is healing. But yes, the last third of Movember has begun and 3/5 students asked still consider the status of my moustache to be questionable.

“So why bother? We are in a crisis of mental health degeneration and suicidal ideology. This most lethally affects men. I’m growing this moustache to raise money for everyone struggling with with suicidal ideology, mental health, and depression.

“Movember is a great charity and hopefully my feeble attempt at growing a Mo will make a difference.”

Hugo, just happy to be involved

“I’m doing Movember to help raise awareness around men’s mental health and to show to my mates that if they ever need to chat to anyone I’m always there to listen.

“Moustache growing process is slow but it’s getting to a respectable standard almost three weeks in. After having a fairly strong beard I perhaps overestimated my moustache growing abilities and am thoroughly disappointed with how it’s going”

If you are able to, please donate what you can to The Tab Notts Mo-space, and make sure to follow The Tab Notts Instagram for further moustache updates.

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