Carpe Noctum want to give final year students one last week of Notts fun

I just want to get hit with one more flying VK

The effects of Covid-19 have made it impossible for final year Notts students to have a proper celebration upon finishing their degrees. To remedy this, Carpe Noctum, the event planners behind Crisis, are to attempt holding a set of clubbing events for the grads later this year.

Carpe Noctum has launched a website called ‘The Final Week’. The goal is to offer the class of 2020 one more week of Notts fun, with the slogan, “If we build it, will you come?”

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Crisis is usually held every Wednesday in Rock City.

The website was first featured on the Crisis Instagram page last Friday. is being advertised as five days of events celebrating their closing time at university, including all of UoN and Trent students’ favourite events, such as Crisis, Grad Ball, Ocean, Sports ball, Shapes and Caramello.

Government regulations permitting, Carpe Noctum say they will sort a lineup for any week in August or September—up until the 21st of September, when UoN’s campuses will open for the next academic year.

If this is not possible, they have proposed doing a Friday to Sunday weekend of events in October or November or beyond. And, if worst comes to worst, they hope to host a large one off reunion event in London.

The planners have acknowledged that students will have had to vacate their current living situations in Nottingham by then, so they have developed an idea for accommodation to allow students to return. “Think ski trip,” their website reads.

Their idea is to centrally block book hotels and privately owned student accommodation to get better rates and to keep friendship groups together.

To get the ball rolling, Carpe Noctum are asking students to sign up on The Final Week’s website, which over 1,300 did within the first 24 hours.