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The best dressed students on campus this week

Please can we put the £10 boohoo flares with a puffer trend to rest

We've officially moved into autumn and it has arrived with full force, the temperatures have dropped, the leaves are orange and with that the fashion trends have changed as well.

In a season that calls for massive coats and all extremeties to be covered its hard to look trendy instead of just an igloo with eyes, but these students have managed it.

Tell us which outfit you'd most like to wear!

Katie Connor, 2nd year English

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Coat: Charity shop

Jeans: Charity shop

Jumper: Charity shop

Beauty tip: Any hair style that disguises second day hair – space buns!

Instagram: katie.conns

Tyler Henshall, 2nd year Economics and Politics

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Jeans: Vintage levis

Top: Noah NYC

Style tip: try more colour!

Instagram: tylerhenshall54

Izzy Kinnaird, 2nd year German with International Media studies

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Top: Charity shop

Necklaces: Depop

Fishnet top: Luvyababes

Most likely to be found: at a DnB event

Instagram: izzy.kinnaird

Rhodri Lewis, 2nd year Politics

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Shoes: Dr Martens

Dungarees: Vintage levis

Jumper: "Asos but I bought it from a £1 clothes sale"

Most likely to be found: on the toilet

Felicie Berman, 1st year Law and French

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Leather coat: Thrifted

Skirt: Uniqlo

Tshirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Dr Martens

Style stip: anything grunge

Instagram: feliciebrmn

Lewis Paling, 3rd year English and Sports Science

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Trousers: Topman

Hoodie: Obey

Most likely to be found: on a football pitch

Instagram: paling18

Ruby Simpson, 2nd year English

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Dungarees: The Vintage Scene (Leicester)

Coat: Charity shop

Top: Charity shop

Shoes: Thrifted converse

Style tip: shop secondhand / in charity shops whenever possible as not only do you find unique pieces but it is also sustainable

instagram: pplantsim