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Fireworks to blame for fire near Notts County stadium

The fire has now been put out

A fire broke out at around 6pm on Sunday evening in an industrial area off Meadow Lane, close to the Notts Country football ground.

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After spending the night tackling the blaze, firefighters declared it under control at approximately 11:15pm with Nottingham Fire and Rescue now confirming it has been put out.

Internet Reptile had to evacuate 200 animals from its premises. They were temporarily relocated to Nottingham Seafoods. Richard Wagg, owner of Nottingham Seafoods, said: "We are opposite the reptile house and so when the animals needed to be moved it was the logical thing to do to take them in." They have now been moved to another Internet Reptile unit in the city.

The cause of the fire is unclear but an investigation is now underway to determine the cause. However, Julie Whittaker, owner of the Silly Sausage Café, claims that her CCTV footage “shows a firework going ‘whoosh’ in a straight line at the Bed City shutters".

Around 85 firefighters tackled the incident with help from Derbyshire and Leicestershire firefighters as well as Nottinghamshire.

A number of businesses will have been affected by the fire, with Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service saying that four buildings have been “completely destroyed” by the blaze.

Some photos from last night, our boss Ray can be seen just before he took over “sector four” which was one side of the…

Posted by Stapleford Fire Station on Monday, November 5, 2018