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Nottingham’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round two

All the Single Lads, All the Single Lads, now put your hands up

Because you cannot possibly fit all of Nottingham's Fitties into just one article, we are back for round two. Second the best and all that, am I rite ladies?

Have a read, pick Mr Right and cast your vote, in the most important election of the year, SU elections who? No Likey. No Votey. Let the Pina see the Colado.

Ben Jackson, 1st Year, Finance, Accounting and Management

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He's bound to pay for the first round of cocktails with his knowledge of money right?

Best chat up line: Do you believe in love at first or should I walk past again?

Perfect date: The Alchemist for dinner and then coco tang for drinks. Two lots of bevs, twice the fun.

Why should you be Notts' most eligible: I need to boost the extracurriculars on the CV for the summer internships. Help a guy out x

Matt Edwards, 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

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Get ready to swoon ladies (and buy and sell)

Best chat up line: Are you a sea lion? Cos I wanna see you lion in my bed tonight xxx

Perfect pate: Come over and we will get Deliveroo. Order more food than we can afford or even eat. She will hopefully not laugh at me naked and she proceeds to let me be the little spoon because we are so over gender roles in the 21st cent.

Why should you be Notts' most eligible:

1) I don't grow hair on my body

2) I last two mins in bed

3) I'm in a band- shoutout to my boys Blondes

4) I'm a self proclaimed Cock and Balls Champion

5) If I win, I will post a nude of myself on Buy and Sell

John Abel, 2nd year, Chemistry

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Best chat up line: Your eyes are as brown as the tree trunks

Perfect date: Let's stay in and I'll try and impress you by eating a bag of Doritos as fast as I can

Why should you be Notts' most eligible: I think I should win because my Nan thinks I'm peng

Charley Ferris, 2nd year, History and Politics

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Best chat up line: Did you know that Finland is actually a fictional land mass created by Russia and Japan for the purpose of neutral fishing waters.

Perfect date: Let's get incredibly drunk so I have the confidence to talk to you, whilst embarrassing myself in the process. We'll go to a nice overpriced bar for a rubbish cocktail and then a trip to Bodega on Friday so I can further embarrass myself by dancing to George Michael and ABBA.

Why should you be Notts' most eligible: I should win because I'm trying and nobody loves me back, so I really need this.

Neville Jacob, 4th year, Medicine

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Maybe he'll let you play Doctors and Nurses?

Best chat up line: Have I ever told you about the time I was backpacking in western Europe?

Perfect date: Hillsong… if you know, you know

Why should you be Notts' most eligible: I'm not one of the bottle, I think I'm the special one.

Come to uni they said, you'll find the man of your dreams they said and here they all are, in one place, Notts' finest talent- you're welcome.

So get voting for Nottingham's most eligible bachelor and maybe you, yes you, can make them 'babe', instead of 'bachelor'