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It’s official, Anya McLoughlin is Nottingham’s most eligible bachelorette

Win win winning

It's been a long run, three rounds, nine girls, year 1 to postgrad, but we finally have our most eligible bachelorette 2018: Anya McLoughlin is our crowning winner.

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Out of over 100 nominations and 36,000 votes in the final, Anya takes home the glory. Rightfully so, as she claimed 49% of the votes in the final round alone – 17,653 votes, to be exact.

This French and Politics second year is still looking for a glimmer of hope to solice the stress that her degree gives her. She claims that she "needs a win to make up for all the Ls I've taken in my love life".

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When asked about her nomination, Anya said: "Not sure whether to be honoured or offended but yeah that's fine".