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There’s a restaurant in Notts doing bottomless chicken nuggets and chips

Try not to fall into a food coma.

Barbecue restaurant chain Rub Smokehouse, which can be found in the Lace Market in Nottingham, is planning on offering unlimited chicken nuggets and chips to its customers.

You can get as much food as you want over the course of an hour and a half for the price of £14.95.

There's one catch (if you can even call it that): for each portion of chicken nuggets you get, you must also get a portion of fries.

Along with the meal, Rub also offers a ton of sauces including mayo, bbq mayo, sweet and sour, ketchup, bbq sauce, sweet & sour, sweet chili, chipotle mayo and even szechuan.

The deal is exclusively for Monday 13th November, which has been dubbed "Chicken Nugget Day".

So, maybe leave that microwaveable lasagne in the freezer and treat yourself to as much food as you can eat.

Featured image: kristofarndt via Flickr