There’s an Anti-Trump Protest in Old Market Square today

Over 1700 people have shown interest in protesting against Trump’s Muslim ban

The protest will take place in Old Market Square from 5:30pm today, against Trump’s order to ban people from 7 Muslim-majority countries entering the US and close the boarders to Syrian refugees.

Since the US president passed the order on Friday, calls for protests have been erupting around the world, including here in Nottingham, where students and residents plan to protest against the ban and the UK’s complicity with it.

The event is directed primarily at Theresa May’s complicity with Donald Trump’s policies, the ban coming just days after her visit to the US. A petition to block a planned visit of Trump to the UK has reached over a million signatures nationwide, and now Nottingham residents have their chance to resist too. The demo’s Facebook page tells us:

The event will rally the people of Nottingham to support not only Muslim residents here in Britain, but those across the globe, encouraging those with a voice to use it against one of the biggest injustices we’ve seen to date:

Niamh Shewell-Cooper, a resident in Nottingham, set up the event on Facebook as a way for people to get their voices heard, even if they couldn’t make it to the central protest areas, such as London. Niamh set up the event having never done anything like this before and didn’t expect much. However, in just over 24 hours she had 1700 people interested in attending the event and over 900 people clicking attending. Due to the incredible amount of interest, Niamh has been able to use this platform for further good, suggesting that a collection be organised for appropriate charities:

The event calls for public speakers, performers and angry voices to stand up and protest against the policies being directed at people of Muslim origin and refugees around the globe, showing the power of the people at large against the power of the few in charge.

All you need to bring is yourself, maybe an angry sign and a willingness to shout.

Link to the Facebook Event:

Link to the petition to prevent Trump’s visit: