Three fire alarms went off in an exam in the space of an hour

They only got 20 minutes extra time

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Exams for Maths, English and Engineering were evacuated this morning when a fire alarm interrupted the 9am test, twice. The alarm went off a third time but students were still outside from the second evacuation.

There were over 200 students in the Trent Building at the time taking exams for Anglo Saxon Literature, Mathematics for Computer Science and Engineering Principles modules, in both the Senate Chamber and the Great Hall.

Participants were obviously annoyed by the disruption of being forced outside into the cold mid-exam.

The English exam was only an hour long and despite the 20 minutes added on to the end of the exam to compensate for the time lost, students complained that the disruption made them lose concentration.

Some students have questioned why the fire alarm went off multiple times with no sign of a fire. A few suggested that it had be set off on purpose, although there is no evidence to suggest that that was the case.