A Trent student is going to prison for transporting heroin

He’s got 16 months

A Nottingham Trent University student has been caught delivering heroin, a court heard.

The student, Alexander Palmer, 22 ran from his Audi when he was pulled over by police on April 19, at 11:20am.

Nottingham Crown Court heard today officers discovered photographs of Palmer and his family inside the car, a stab vest on the back seat, £1,229 in cash and heroin with 65 per cent purity and valued at a street level at £1,180.

Palmer pleaded guilty to delivery the drugs as a delivery driver on the direction of a third party he was unwilling to name.

Judge Steven Coupland sentenced him to 16 months and a two year suspension. He has been ordered to complete ten days of rehabilitation.

Palmer has ruined his future after receiving a distinction in Youth Studies and had a placement lined up.