Big Brother is looking for couples from Nottingham to enter the house

Big Brother is watching

In a shocking new twist to the long-running show, Big Brother is now looking for couples to enter the house.

One or more of those couples could be from Nottingham, as producers have begun the search for the 2017 series right here.

Between the 12th and 17th December, the Big Brother is touring the UK to find the next bunch of housemates willing to undergo public humiliation and games for the chance of fame and fortune.

Nottingham doesn’t have much of a history with the show, although local model Jackson Blyton finished third this year. New tabloid gossip has let the world know of Blyton’s engagement. Apply for the show, you might get engaged. You probably haven’t got a grad job sorted anyway.

Jackson Blyton

To meet the team and attempt to secure your place on the show, either call 07816333758 or [email protected]. Just find a partner, give a fun backstory and you might blag your way in.