Student Services are struggling already, with queues out the door on the first day of term

Deadline day will not be pretty

With queues like this by a mere 10:30 Monday, Student Service Centres are well and truly living up to students low expectations.

The University of Nottingham has been making its way around lecture theatres this welcome week to announce the fruits of their summertime labour; the new Student Services Centre. Student Services have been working hard to get everything up and running for the start of lectures today, having received a less than enthusiastic response from students with their unannounced, complete re working of the school office system.

This is only half of it

With timetabling issues the main talk on campus, module clashes mean that students are struggling to get their first choice modules, preferred seminar slots, or tutors.

With the online timetabling allocation still subject to changes throughout this week, you might want to double check before you set off for your 9am.

‘We’re here to help you get the most out of your university experience’

If queues are this bad now, its not looking good for deadline day.