Finally! Andy Hoe installs a cash machine in Ocean, and it’s FREE

No more 45 minute queues

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the ordeal of the Ocean money queue. The minutes drone on as you get more sober by the second, and you wait and wait for the lady with the money to hand you your cash.

The queue is often upwards of half an hour long; boring at best, excruciating at worse – and arguments always arise as to scroungers pushing in. But this doesn’t need to be problem anymore: Andy Hoe has come to a solution. No longer do we need to queue for our cash. He’s only gone and installed a free cash point for us.

Hoe announced the news in an address to his loyal Facebook fans, as seen below:

In additional comments, Andy Hoe said: “The news about the new cash machine has had quite a response, between my two Facebook profiles the post has been liked over 500 times since yesterday! I’ve been trying to get one installed for a few years now, the cash back system we have operated has been OK, and it worked to a point but was very slow, we initially started doing it because we couldn’t get a decent deal on a cash machine, for us or the students.

“The problem was, for a long time the only viable option has been to install a machine and let the operators charge a fee for customers to use it. You’ve probably seen them everywhere, they charge anything up to about £2.50 to withdraw cash. Which is an absolute rip off!

“Most of our customers take an average £20 from the cash back, to charge them a 10% fee is scandalous! Usually that fee is split between the operator and the venue, so yes it would make us money, but I just don’t agree with it. The only other option has always been for me to pay all the fees….which is a LOT of fees! With this new deal, as long it’s used a certain number of times a month, (which won’t be a problem) it doesn’t cost me…..or you.

“So it’s win win! It will cost me a little bit in the months we’re closed out of term time, but it’s worth that for the convenience. The only downside has been that we agreed the deal in December….and it’s taken them 5 months to put the bloody thing in! So fingers crossed nobody breaks it.”

The news has gone down well with Nottingham’s loyal Ocean goers. Meg, a second year Law student, told The Tab: “This news is fantastic. Too many times have I been cock-blocked by the Ocean money queue, as it sobers me up and consumes my pulling time.”

The cash point will be available to use from this Friday onwards.