There’s absolutely nothing to miss about Nottingham on your year abroad

Nothing at all

Being on your year abroad really makes you appreciate the finer things. Being in France, there’s a lot I miss.

Anyone who has lived in Nottingham can probably agree.

The food is terrible

I definitely don’t miss fancy places for when your parents come to visit like Le Mistral, Le Bistrot Pierre or George’s. Or the delicious White Horse on Faraday Road, when you’re hungover there are always various takeaways to go to that don’t mind you drooling in front of their greasy offerings.

For those who don’t like cooking or had a long day after lectures there are nearly 300 restaurants in our fair city, so we can’t complain about a lack of choice either. You’ve got your cheap and cheerful food like Nando’s, Domino’s and Subway.


We have the worst bars and drinks in the world too

Nottingham isn’t all about the food either –  there are so many bars to choose from that there aren’t enough days in a week to try them all, so luckily we have all year to try them out and find our favourite spot.

Notable favourites include Bar bar, Boiler room, Coco Tang and BUNK. It’s one of those bars that you can either come after a busy day and just chill with your mates or go for pre-drinks. The cocktails are insane – much better than anything France has to offer.

The nightlife is substandard

Being away makes my heart ache for Stealth –  with enough rooms to lose half of your mates by the end of the night, and Rock City and its themed nights where you couldn’t care any less about looking ridiculous. More than clubbing, there are great comedy nights at Just the Tonic or Concerts at Rock City.


There’s never, ever anything to do 

If it’s raining, there’s criminally cheap cinema tickets for students at The Savoy, mini golf, and enough shops to spend your entire student loan in one go.

Perhaps most importantly, France doesn’t have No Tomorrow Festival every summer with thousands of people coming to celebrate the end of their exams.

No, there’s nothing I miss about Nottingham at all.