The family running Jo’s Pancake House are the real heroes of Lenton

How topical

From the overpriced rent, to the alarmingly high crime rate, or just the frustrating wait for a 34 bus in the mornings – Lenton can be a challenging place to live at times. However, there is one small, family-run business that compensates this, that makes Lenton a wonderful place to be.

That place is Jo’s Pancake House, and if you know, you know.

Located conveniently on Ilkeston Road, in-between the student hotbeds of Kimbolton and Rothesay, Jo’s Pancake House has been fulfilling dreams since it opened in October 2014. But undeniably, it remains one of Lenton’s best kept secrets.

The menu is 10/10

What is it that makes Jo’s so great? The food is incredible and the prices are even better. Their speciality is their impressive array of American style pancakes, but Jo’s also offers crepes, paninis, omelettes, sandwiches and, most beautifully, a full English breakfast for under £3.

The people are also lovely. Jo’s Pancake House is run by the Henkel family, who spoke to The Tab about the background of their business. “It was all our mother’s idea,” they said. “We thought running a pancake house would just be a nice, simple way of making a living.”

When asked about their relationship with university students, they told us: “We love the Nottingham students. About 60 per cent of our business comes from students, so they are always very welcome.”

The food is 10/10

“Bacon pancakes are probably our best selling dish. For new customers, we would recommend people try the pancakes-style breakfast. It’s unusual but it really works.”

If you have not been to Jo’s yet, make sure you do. Or else you are missing out on one of Nottingham’s best treasures.