One million pound refurbishment rumoured for Oceana

They’re also rebranding and opening a Hookah bar on Ilkeston Road

Deltic Group, the company that owns Oceana, have plans to refurbish the venue later in the year and are thinking of splashing out £1m on the club.

The developments would likely be ready for May or for Freshers’ 2016. The club is in need of a drastic makeover since – the ungodly smell that resonates throughout its bottom floor being just one reason. Hype around Antics has generally subsided. Ink has emerged as the top club for Monday nights in Nottingham and for good reason. The attraction of getting the whole squad on the guest list for a free shot crushes everything Oceana could ever offer.

The events company Student Clubber have since killed Antics off, but rising from the ashes is new event Pounded. The questionably named event is planning to compete with Ink as a more affordable option for your Monday nights. They promise free entry before 11.30pm and £1 drinks all night.

A Student Clubber rep told The Tab that since Ink, due to its popularity, have started to charge for entry and have stopped openly advertising their one pound drinks on certain nights, the head promoters of Pounded are feeling confident about their new venture.

The refurbishment will totally reinvent the club, head promoters described it as “an entirely new venue that will blow every other venue in the city out the water”. We can only hope.

Student Clubber are also opening a Hookah Bar, which will be called “The Garden”, this February on Ilkeston Road.