Ticketed nights are the worst thing about going out in Nottingham

Why can’t we be more spontaneous?

Nottingham boasts a load of good nights out, from the cheesiest of cheese in Ocean to edgier nights like Cirque or Caramello. Which is great – if you can get a ticket.

The ticketing of nights out is the worst thing about our Uni. Crisis and Ocean are the worst culprits – and the carnage is absolutely unavoidable.

If you want to go out in Nottingham you need a ticket.

This means no spontaneous nights where you get accidentally pissed and stumble to a club at 1am, friends from other unis can’t just pop over for a night out, and if you get dumped on a Friday you really can’t drown your sorrows for another week or so cos there’s no tickets left.

a familiar sight

Want to go to Ocean tonight? Well, sorry, you can’t, not until December. What about when term ends for Christmas? When January exams end? End of exams in June? Sorry, nope, sold out. All sold out, and its November.  You can still go at the end of Spring term though, so hold out until the 18th of March guys, not all hope is lost.

A spontaneous night out is a dead art in Notts nightlife. Back home you might just be feeling it on a Wednesday night and head out, but not in Nottingham. You have to be feeling your night about about 6 weeks in advance at 7pm precisely so you can get a ticket in time.

The stress of getting tickets for Halloween or end of exams is the absolute worst. Tickets for the Crisis Halloween all-nighter sold out in 4 minutes and Ocean was sold out before term even began. And the queue still looked like this:

why bother?!?

Of course, you can just “GET THERE EARLY TO AVOID THE QUEUE.”  Thanks for the advice, but queuing for 3 hours to listen to an Abba medley ain’t how I want to spend my evening.

The other option is buy and sell. Buy and sell is a blessing and a curse. The worst part – upselling tickets. We’re all students why are you trying to get a rise above everyone else? We’re all poor, stop with the scamming. Tickets are sold for extortionate prices, Cirque tickets for upwards of £40 and even Ocean tickets for £10. Its ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 14.37.53

The stress of finding a ticket or the FOMO when you can’t get your hands on one is ruining out nights out. Nottingham nightlife is some of the best, we just can’t go.