Notts ranked one of the 25 best unis in the country

We have dropped three places in The Sunday Times Complete University Guide since last year though

Nottingham has been ranked as one of the top 25 universities in the UK again this year.

The Sunday Times ranked Notts at 25th in its Complete University Guide 2016.

We have however unceremoniously dropped three places since last year, where we came 22nd.

The leading Sunday newspaper has announced their annual league table that charts the country’s leading universities in ranking order and Notts has unceremoniously plummeted.

Placing at 25th behind the likes of UEA and Kent, this guide is clearly a travesty and completely contradicts the world rankings.  

The guide creates the league from a wide range of data including entry standards, student-staff ratios, services and facilities spend, completion rates, Firsts and 2:1s and graduate prospects.

Our teaching quality ranks at 79.5 out of 100 and our research level is 37.8 per cent.

Research quality is a dismal 37.8% for a world leading research university and our average UCAS entry score is 428 which is an average of three A’s.

Graduate prospects come in at 81.3% where we beat the likes of Exeter and LSE.

79.3% of our students achieve a 2:1 or higher and 93.2% finish their degree.

Notts student satisfaction comes in at a cool 83.9%, higher than UCL, Bristol and Edinburgh.


Trent unsurprisingly came in embarrassingly at 54th, falling two places from last year.

As to be expected Cambridge came up top with Oxford second and Imperial third.

Big climbers were Surrey who jumped from 11th into the top 10 at number 8 and Sussex who went from 25th to 19th.

LSE fell 4 places to 5th and Leicester fell 8 places down to the 28th.

It is apparent that another bullshit league has completely falsified Notts ranking and should be ignored promptly.