Notts soars in new table as it’s ranked in the top 1 per cent of the world

Trent don’t even place in the top 700

The QS world uni rankings were released today and Notts has catapulted itself back into the world’s Top 70 Universities after falling down seven places last year.

The University of Nottingham proudly sits next to Lund university in Sweden, who also placed at 70 and just ahead of Birmingham (76), Sheffield (80) and Southampton (81).

We’ve placed eighth in the world for Pharmacy and Pharmacology and our employer reputation is a staggering 96.7 out of 100.

Our law school is the 35th best on the planet and our Geography department also made the top 40.

Who even are the rest?

Oxbridge have unsurprisingly taken the UK top spots next to Imperial and UCL. But Durham’s outrageous attempt at making “Duxbridge” happen has fallen short as they’ve placed well below at 62.

Great across the board tbh

The Sunday Times have described us as “one of the first to embrace a truly international approach to higher education.”

Trent have come in a classically abysmal position of 701st in the world, confirming the belief we really are ten times better then them.

Give me a D, give me another D, give me another D. What does that get you? Into TRENT.

Earlier this year, Notts had the indignity of being below glorified sixth forms like Coventry, Heriot-Watt and UEA in the 2015 Guardian league table.

MIT topped the 2015/16 rankings yet again, with third-placed Cambridge the highest placed Uni in the UK.

We can now hold our heads high as we have regained our status as one of the best universities in the UK and the world.