How to: Five minute hair

Are you hopelessly lost on what to do with your hair? Feeling bored and tired of the same old style?

Autumn has officially begun. New semester, new work ethic, new you.

Or so you’re telling yourself, except you’ve slept through your alarm and you’re already late for your first lecture.

Well for that inevitable situation that, lets face it, we’ll all run into sooner or later and become sick of our sick of that authentic hobo hair.

These original hairstyles that take less than five minutes to alleviate some of that get-out-of-my-way-bitch-I’m-late stress from your morning routine.

The Top Knot

This look is literally the easiest thing you will ever do.

It’s basically a bun, and is most suited to mid-long length hair. Its perfect for achieving that classy and sassy academic chic. All you need is a hair band and some bobby pins.

tutorial 1

Step 1 – Brush your hair (or not) and add some texturising hair product if you fancy a messier look. Gather your hair and create a high ponytail.


Step 2 – Once you’re happy with the position of the ponytail, tie a knot with the tail of your hair.


Step 3 – Pull the knot tightly, and then tuck in the end into the knot. Secure with bobby pins.


Step 4 – Adjust the tightness if you desire, hair spray only if you want.


Milkmaid Braids (for the truly fabulous)

Otherwise known as a braided crown, this is a look which appears a lot harder than it actually is.

This involves doing two basic three strand braids or french braids, if you don’t know how to do this already, then give it a google.

This will give you that boho vibe you’re totally going for with minimal effort. This hairstyle works best with mid length hair, and it really shows off dip dyes in a cool way.

All you need are two hair bands (preferably elastic) and some bobby pins.

tutorial 3

Step 1 – Brush your hair and part equally down the middle, style as you wish in the front.


Step 2 – If you have short or layered hair, try plaiting a french braid instead, otherwise a regular braid is fine. Make sure the braid curves around your head. Repeat on other side.


Step 3 – Grab the ends of the braid and tuck them into each other at the back. Secure with bobby pins.


Step 4 – Loosen the braids a little to make them appear more voluminous, hair spray when you’re happy. Woman you look gorgeous.


To the side Fish Tail Braid (for the unskilled)

A fish tail braid is a really easy way to make a regular braid look a lot more more interesting. This is really ideal if your career goal is to be a mermaid.

The fish tail braid may look a little tricky to those who can only do the three strand, but its really easy, once you’ve learnt it you’ll never forget it. This is a brilliant look if you’re troubled by long, hard to handle hair. You can also do this on the bus into uni without really paying too much attention. All you need is a single hair band.

tutorial 2

Step 1 – Brush your hair. If you don’t have a brush, just use your fingers to detangle. Bring all your hair to the side and split it into two strands.


Step 2 – Take a little bit of hair from the first strand and join it into the other strand.


Step 3 – Repeat the previous step on the other strand until you see the braid coming together, the more brush your hair is, the easier this process becomes. Try and do the braid as tightly as possible, this way the ‘fishtail’ effect will be more visible.


Step 4 – Keep plaiting until you get to the end of the hair, use your hair band to secure the braid. Pull the braid apart bit if you want it to appear fatter. Stunning.


And how much did these looks cost? Absolutely nothing!