How to: Dress for an exam

With just a week to go, we’ve got all the tips to rock your exams in style.

Comfort is key, so who says you can’t look stylish whilst you work hard for those exams.

The Tab is here help you look amazing through all the stress and get you ready!

Don’t worry, it’s almost time to partay.

Priyanka’s look is perfect for those endless hours slaving away in Hallward. Her Firetrap jumper’s print adds depth to the easy outfit, cosy chic indeed.


The backpack matches well

This cute spotted dress is a simple way to add a pop of colour to your day. Paired with the right accessories it can go a long way.


Bag from River Island, studded flats George at Asda

For those days when you’re in a rush.. whack on a pair of leggings with an oversized jumper and you’re ready to go.


Charlotte’s ankle boots are from

The 90s are back in a big way, and just so that these New Look chunky sandals are the ultimate comfort shoe.

Pair it with some Mom jeans and you’ll give a mum a run for her money!


Izzy wears a Fred Perry polo shirt

Hopefully we’ll get some more sunshine soon, till then we’ve just got to be optimistic.

This H&M skirt is the perfect way to brighten your day.


Sunflowers.. please let the sun stay

Who said bodycon is always suffocating; this Fred Perry t-shirt dress is an easy thing to slip on whilst still being able to breathe.


Add a rucksack, no more exam agony

Being in Notts, means we’re scattered with Vintage shops. This tea dress from COW paired with Topshop sunglasses is a cute way to dress to impress.


The studded New Look bag just fits the essentials

Jersey is the super comfort material of them all.

This jumpsuit from Topshop is a super stylish way to stay cosy all over.


Work it well

The Tab wishes you the best of luck!