The American Takeover

From letterman jackets to sports jerseys, the American influence has hit our wardrobes, and we like it.


2014 sees the invasion of the Yanks, as snap backs, sport jerseys and all things American take over our wardrobes.

This look may be reminiscent of our campus hipsters or wannabe BNOC’s but this is a trend that can be worn by the masses.

Here are a few ideas on following this trend.

Stars and Stripes

The most iconic symbol of America is obviously their flag and like the union jacket has made a frequent appearance on clothing recently.

Katy’s jeans are a nod to the trend without being too overpowering, whilst this snap back will add a bit of colour to any outfit.

The Cheerleader

Any classic American teen movie contains a cheerleader and with our Nottingham Knights this is an American novelty that we Brits love.

This cute crop sports jersey from Primark is perfect for a night out and the white bow in Amaya’s hair is a great nod to the trend.

The Jacket

Spring time is upon us and what better time to whip out a sports jacket to wear around campus.

Ashley’s baseball jacket is a perfect example of a casual day to night look and Jonathon’s adidas jacket is another example of the bomber jacket which has made a huge comeback this year.

Fresh Prince

This trend also pays homage to our favourite 90’s sitcom with bomber jackets and high top trainers.

Amaya’s oversized denim jacket and bright Nevada jersey almost make us want to break out in the Fresh Prince Intro.

The Tee

Logo tops have become a staple in any student’s wardrobe.

Jonathon’s vintage tee looks great with low slung jeans or a denim jacket and Rhiannon’s Harvard top is THE stash top of all stash clothing.

The Sports Jersey

American sports are the ultimate American past time and its clothing has slowly accumulated itself as an everyday item.

Jacob’s basketball jersey is a perfect nod to all things American. Wear with a t-shirt underneath for everyday campus style.