Nottingham Councillor: ‘Shame’ Students Allowed to Live in Lenton

Nottingham Councillor Mohammad Aslam, who represents Radford and Park Ward, says it’s a ‘shame’ that students are allowed to live in the Lenton Triangle.

Councillor Mohammad Aslam, the Labour Councillor for Radford and Park Ward, has told The Tab that it is a ‘shame’ houses are being converted for students to live in and that the City Council has a specific policy not to allow students to live outside halls.

Radford and Park Ward covers part of the student area of Lenton, anywhere after the railway opposite the Savoy Cinema side of Derby Road.

Cllr Aslam

Cllr Aslam

Councillor Aslam said: “Nottingham Council overturns every application for HMOs [Houses of Multiple Occupation, ie student houses] in the Lenton Triangle but sometimes these are overturned by central government, which is a shame.”

He also explained that, despite Nottingham Labour Council’s policy to refuse all student houses, appeals put forward by landlords are sometimes successful, which causes the Council great frustration.


The Council is frustrated by student houses

This point was reinforced by the recent Radford and Park Labour Party Autumn newsletter, which boasted:  ‘Your local Labour councillors put a lot of work into opposing any more HMOs’.

Another Labour councillor, Councillor Steph Williams, said: “There will be some new occupants this year so we will need to be vigilant again. Rest assured, despite the setback, we will be opposing any more HMOs in the ward”.