Get over that CRISIS hangover and get your gladrags on. ClubCo launches tonight with the bachelor himself

clubco made in chelsea

Get over that CRISIS hangover and get your gladrags on. ClubCo, Nottingham’s newest social network, prepares to launch its website with an exclusive party tonight at Pandora’s Box, hosted by Made In Chelsea’s heartthrob, Spencer Matthews. Expect to be shaken and stirred at this Skyfall themed event.


“Matthews, Spencer Matthews”


When we say exclusive, we mean exclusive – tickets are becoming more sought after than a space on the 8:55 ’34’ bus, with 300 sold in the last fortnight. “We’d thought it would be all of our friends there supporting us, but random people I’ve never spoken to have been really up for this as well” said Max Mayhew, co-founder of ClubCo.


And what’s more, this might be your only chance of ever getting a bite of that Chelsea cupcake: “This is a one-off launch party and we won’t be doing it again”, said James Cruse, ClubCo co-founder.


The event proves to be exciting, with a free champagne reception, a “midnight surprise” and one lucky member getting the chance to win the table next to Spenny.


The Tab caught up with the boys before launch to find out the goss (they refused to tell us what the midnight surprise was -.- ); Max turned up looking smart and suave, whilst Cruse rocked a ClubCo owl get-up. Hilarious scenes ensued when Cruse decided to fly onto the Downs and harass the Gryffindor Vs Slytherin Quidditch Soc game, screaming “WHERE’S HARRY?! WHERE’S HARRY?!”


The aforementioned “owl get-up”


Since our last interview with them, they had to push their launch back, “We just kinda said yes to everything without really thinking about it – the moment it was ready, we launched it without taking the time to beta-test it.” They’ve changed it massively; “back to basics, simpler, easier”. We checked out the website – it’s pretty damn impressive.


“Excuse the cringe o’clock profile pic” – Jenny


Cruse and Mayhew are looking even further than tomorrow night, planning on conquering Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle in the near future: “If this goes well (The Tab believes in them!), we know we are gonna have to expand quickly.”


They ended the interview on a cute note, with Cruse saying, “They say to never to go into business with your friends, but the best thing about ClubCo is that a relationship has grown – gay but true.”




James and Max – BFFL!


Join The Tab tonight as the News team attempt to actually try to remember what happens after their third glass of champagne, whilst the Fashion team seek out the best-dressed Bond and his girl.


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