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We spoke to final year students to find out all their top tips to making the most of UEA

A bucket list for the home of the wonderful

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Heading into university life after school is a big leap and change in our lives and it can be overwhelming balancing between living by yourself for the first time, studying in a second language (for the international students) and making new friends all at the same time.

However, one thing that is super important is that you shouldn't allow the workload and stress that university can bring, to get the better of you and hinder what many people call "the best years of your life". So, no matter what you study, how far your home is or how scary everything seems at first, make sure to stay positive and make great memories here at UEA.

Here are some interviews of UEA 3rd and 4th year students who've been through it all, and their tips for what they think you shouldn't miss out on during your time at UEA!

Todor Chergarov (MPharm Year 3)

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"First, we can all agree on one thing. You are at university because of your studies – so do prioritise that, but not over your well-being. You could be surprised, but part of being a good student would be to know when you need to take a break, get some ice-cream and call your best friend to have a five-hour gossip session, then realising you have three hours to your alarm. Contradictory, I know. But nothing ever goes fully to plan.

"A well-known piece of advice would be to do things out of your comfort zone, whilst also ha need to invest in your comfort zone. Yes, trying new things is important, but you need to distinguish what challenge does you a favour and which don't: those are extracurricular activities for a reason. Just because your friend is running a society, it is not guaranteed that you would enjoy the same.

"It could be that you like painting at your own time at home, organise a conference, make videos, keep a blog or whatever. We are all individuals with different taste and work ethic. You need to take the most out of your free time (an interesting concept when you are at uni). Make sure it does help you actually unwind as there would be enough things that already do the opposite. "Things you need to do" is not a one-size-fits-all.

"And lastly, share, speak. Surround yourself with the right people for you. It is going to be hard and it is going to be easy, never a plateau. But a good friend is never in excess. Again, listen to yourself and good luck!"

Barbora Tomasova (MPharm Y3)

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"For international people- make sure you come to the events before the year starts!

"Find something out of your studies, to enjoy and refresh your mind! Don’t get sucked only in your studies or you will feel like you have missed out on university life."

Salli Nori (MPharm Y3)

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"Take on a committee role on a society! it gives you sense of responsibility and commitment, you meet new people and it pushes you to go to events and go out of your comfort zone.

"Just say yes! Also, you don’t have to love your flat mates/housemates. It is more common to not like them and have friends out of that group. Just don’t stress about it."

Anelia Kostova

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"Societies are really important! Make sure you sign up. it is where I met my closest friends and found a sense of belonging!"

Molly (History of Art Year 3)

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"Take every opportunity you get. Don't overthink things, just do them and make the most of having so many things available to you."

Robyn Downes (Psychology Y3)

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"Norwich has so much to offer and getting involved in city based events and finding quirky coffee shops/bars/vintage stores has definitely shaped my whole university experience.

"The city regularly hosts free events such as art festivals/Halloween and fireworks night celebrations as well as live music nearly every night. Getting off campus and enjoying non-uni run events is so worthwhile and has provided me with some of the best nights and best people in my three years here."