How to make a whole Christmas dinner for under a fiver

You may have to sacrifice turkey for gammon

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Being a student means finding the cheapest deals, so we decided to help you out and make the cheapest Christmas meal we could. 

We deduced that you can make a feast for two costing just £5.50, so you can definitely afford to buy those extra VKs at the Christmas LCR tonight.

Iceland – £4.29

Iceland is probably your best bet – they have many types of festive food including everyone’s favourite, 30 pigs in blankets for £1.

We bought one giant Yorkshire pudding for 30p. It was as big as my head and is probably the size of four Yorkshires, so we cut it in half to serve two. 

For the meat, the cheapest we could find was gammon steak. And let’s be honest, turkey is always a let down – nobody really likes that level of dryness. At £1.99 for two gammon steaks, what’s not to love?

On the Christmas trimmings agenda, Iceland had roast potatoes, brussel sprouts with bacon and mixed country veg, all for £1 each. Beautiful.

The trip to Iceland came to a total of £4.29. It’s not just why mum’s go there, it’s why we go too.

Tesco – £1.21

We next ventured to Tesco for the Christmas dinner essentials, gravy and stuffing. The cheapest gravy, at 79p,  was actually meant for beef but gravy is gravy and tasted great with gammon. The stuffing mix was 42p and was a delicious add on. It may have been as stodgy as cardboard, but it tasted lush.

In total this would have served two people, so at a total of £5.50, you can get your Christmas dinner for a cheap £2.75. That’s less dollar than a double vodka and lemonade at the LCR and tons cheaper than Campus Kitchen’s one course meal which would set you back by £6.50. You can thank us later.


If you’re feeling lazy, or just cooking for one, Marks & Spencer do an all-in-one Christmas dinner for a fiver, too.

Or, if you’re feeling extra lazy and really skint, you could just go with this turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich from Poundland.

Whatever you do choose to do this Christmas with your housemates, there’s more than one way to have your seasonal dinner for under a fiver per person.