My name is ‘Petits Filous’ on Facebook and I can’t change it back

I have to keep it for 60 days

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Meet Petits Filous, the third year Psychology student with the most babyish name on Facebook. 

Born Louise Alcock, Petits found herself in a predicament two weeks ago when she returned home from uni to find her housemate had turned her into a yoghurt on Facebook.

Petits said: “My housemate thinks me as a kid looks like the Petits Filous girl from the advert years ago.

“She found out my password and thought it’d be funny that I wouldn’t be able to change it for two months.”

A Facebook help post explains: “To make sure everyone uses their authentic name, you can only change your name every 60 days.”

Petits says she has “about 40 days” left before she can finally return to using her preferred name on social media.

Petits with her dairy lookalike

Of her new found dairy fame, Petits said: “I didn’t mind it for a few days, but now it’s just annoying as people keep calling me it in person.”

Petits says: “When I realised I couldn’t changed it for two months I panicked a bit.

“Even people in the LCR sometimes come up to me and mention it.”

When asked if Petits preferred Müller yoghurt to her namesake, she replied: “I don’t even like yoghurt.”

Petits says that when her 60 day name change is up, she’ll become Louise again on Facebook – but she did say: “My housemate is threatening to change it to something else when he can.”

While Petits doesn’t feel liberated with her new name, she mentioned: “One of my housemates is called ‘Poot Lovato’ and we are planning to change a friend’s to ‘Debbie Downer’ when we find out her password, so I guess it will be funny if it catches on.”

We personally think Petits Filous should stick with her name name on Facebook because, quite frankly, everybody needs to remember calcium helps their bones grow strongerer.