A Wardrobe Update with a Conscience

After the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh, The Tab are thinking about eco-friendly fashion that you might actually want to wear!

eco-fashion fashion online shopping

After the recent tragedy in Bangladesh where a large factory collapsed killing over four hundred people who had been making clothes that were intended for the UK highstreet, many people have sat up and begun to take notice of where their clothes actually come from. Questions have been raised concerning the moral issues of super cheap clothing, is a £2 t-shirt really worth the terrible conditions, and now lost lives, that face the people making them?

The problem is, eco-friendly clothing has a bad rep. I’m sure when I say to you ‘eco-clothing’ it will conjure up images of shapeless hessian-type smocks made from hemp and the like. Well think again, because recently the demand for eco-friendly clothing that people interested in fashion would actually be seen wearing has risen, and the result is a wonderful selection of potential wardrobe updates that will make you, and your conscience, feel fabulous!

www.fashion-conscience.com’s mantra is ‘Seriously Stylish, Seriously Ethical’ and personally this is my first stop for affordable conscience friendly clothing and accessories, you can even select the particular type of ethics you are interested in, from sustainable to made in the UK. They stock a huge range of brands; look to ‘Fair + True’ for designer inspired bold prints, ‘Manumit’ for fair trade jewellery at very purse-friendly prices, and ‘Chinese Laundry’ for on trend shoes suitable for vegans and fashion followers alike.

Komodo Fair Trade Dress – fashionconscience

www.thinkboutique.co.uk is a member of the ethical fashion fellowship, amongst other prestigious fair-trade and ethical organisations, in fact, it won the 2012 sustainable fashion Source Award. It stocks a range of designers and has a wonderful selection of beautiful clothing and accessories. (It also has a permanent sale section with up to 70% off!)

Bibico Nautical Jumper – thinkboutique

www.peopletree.co.uk who describe themselves as ‘pioneers of sustainable and fair trade fashion’ make very pretty women’s clothes, with lots of little details and floral prints, and classic casual menswear. They also have frequent designer collaborations, currently on the website are pieces designed by Peter Jensen and Orla Kiely. The prices are reasonable, and they too have a permanent sale section.

Peter Jensen Cat Sweatshirt – peopletree

www.beyondskin.co.uk might sound a little vegetarian for some of you, but I assure you, the shoes are absolutely gorgeous! As well as being completely vegan, all of their shoes are made in the UK and they pride themselves on using the most environmentally friendly methods of production available. Although they can be a little pricey, the selection is good, with a range of heel heights and colours for all occasions, they even have a bridal section!

Caille Sequin Shoes – beyondskin

If none of the above take your fancy, you’re either incredibly fussy or you must not like shopping online! So here is a handy website for you: www. ethicalconsumer.org. This site isn’t an online shop, but more of a database for help with ethical shopping on the high-street. It provides all the advice you could need for a successful ethical shopping trip and has a table listing all your favourite high-street shops in order of their ethical credentials, although I must warn you, if you are a fan of ASDA’s George range, perhaps you might want to give this list a miss…