How Big are You Really?

A stroke of genius website to solve high street sizing woes in one fell swoop

anna powell-smith fashion high street

I’m sure we’ve all been there ladies, you pop on a size smaller than your usual, it fits like a glove and you feel an exquisite rush of joy, then go next door and your usual size won’t bloody do up. Meaning that we have to leave RIGHT NOW and spend the rest of the day brooding about how fat we are.

But fear no more, the genius that is Anna Powell-Smith has developed a clever web application where you simply type in your vital statistics (boobs, hips and waist) and a lovely list of shops pop up telling you what size you should fit into in each– with some quite surprising results. I’d usually class myself as a 8/10 and I ranged from a 6 in Gap to a 12 in Oasis!

It also, helpfully, splits the list into tops, skirts and dresses from each store.

The list includes all the high street favourites such as Topshop, Zara, New Look; online retailers like Asos and some higher end labels like French Connection and Karen Millen.

So girls, we have NOT suddenly put on 20 pounds in the 5 minutes since we left the last shop. The high street just lacks standard sizing, but thanks to Ms Powell-Smith, we can alleviate some of the headache this causes.
Check it out here…