University of Manchester to award Matt Hancock honorary degree

The uni is also exploring the idea of offering a degree to ‘someone off Love Island’ to ‘balance it out’

Email chains obtained by The Manchester Tab have revealed that the University of Manchester is planning to award Matt Hancock an honorary degree.

In one email it is claimed that a member of senior leadership is “very keen for this to go ahead, despite the concerns raised”.

One suggestion is to award another celebrity such as, “someone off Love Island” an honorary degree alongside Hancock in order to deflect attention.

A Students’ Union officer half-joked “they should at least put Gemma Collins and Nigella Lawson into consideration”. 

Emails show one suggestion is to award another degree to someone from Love Island

The university state the degree is being awarded for his “work and dedication to the NHS and contributions to the British fashion industry”.

Head of University Honorary Affairs at UoM, Robert Novacasa said: “The University is excited to award Matt Hancock a prestigious honorary degree in recognition of his principled, loyal and hard-working commitment to the nation throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.”

According to one senior member of staff, Nancy Rothwell became “very close” to Matt Hancock after regular phone calls and meetings about the university’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The two appear to have a unique mutual admiration for their handling of the pandemic and are set to appear on a popular but undisclosed podcast together in the lead up to the ceremony. 

The plans for Hancock’s degree ceremony coincidentally are said to include a cheese and wine event beforehand.

Parts of the other proceedings of the ceremony revealed include plans for all those attending to be given black turtle necks and an after-party at Factory featuring a karaoke duet by Hancock and Rothwell.

The degree is currently planned to be awarded on the 31st of April, with measures already being taken to prevent any embarrassing stunts by students including a campus-wide ban on eggs and milkshakes during the week of the ceremony.

Before you head off to buy a turtle neck you should probably check the date. Happy April Fool’s!

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