Five unexplainable pictures of Matt Hancock you can’t ever unsee

Our Health Secretary clearly understands the value of sport, leisure and… going down a children’s slide?

When he’s not doing his day job, it seems that Matt Hancock is well versed in the extra-curricular. Our current Health Secretary and former Christ’s College Mphil student has certainly become a household name since the rise of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it seems his political past has left a LOT of strange PR shots that – trust us – you’ll see and never forget. 

(Credit: Camfess via Facebook)

2020 did serve us some tough moments, but at the very least it introduced us to a catalogue of pictures of a recreational Matt Hancock that have been repurposed as incredibly diverse meme material. Here’s five of the best of these moments that were beautifully captured by photographers across the country:

1. Going rock climbing

Not once, but twice. Rock climbing is clearly a hobby of his, but I’m not sure about the attire. The man is scaling the wall in suit trousers and sheux with polka dot socks. He’s got zero foot grip and still has time to rotate the neck and smile for the camera. It’s definitely a flex. He does look like one of those lads who loves bouldering to be fair.

Please never engage in parkour with this man, he would wipe the floor with you and then stare penetratingly into your soul just as he does into the camera lens. All whilst wearing a suit, of course.

2. Participating in a football match

I must say, of all bizarre Matt Hancock moments, this one might be my favourite. I could talk in great detail about both of these pictures, but I deeply resent the fact that video footage of this game has not been leaked.

 Hancock does not look happy about the man in blue invading his personal bubble. ‘I SAID TWO METRES!!!!!’ 

3. Sitting down like Woody

He’s actually doing his day job here, but it’s still an absolute classic. Hancock opts to lean back and let gravity do the rest after speaking at the House of Commons in December. An unbelievably peculiar method of sitting down for a human, yes, but Hancock is clearly an evolved life form. I guess there’s no time for dilly-dallying when you have a country to help govern. 

4. Letting his hair down on a slide


Never have two pictures told such a different story. In a matter of seconds, Hancock has gone from Tinder pic material to doing that thing again where he is unsure how to respond to gravity.

If you can get past the fact that he’s a 42-year-old bloke on a slide, you’ll notice he is wearing the same socks he went rock climbing in. An innocent mistake or a PR masterstroke? You decide.

5. Delivering passionate vocals

And finally an old favourite! This moment has given birth to arguably the most powerful legacy Hancock will leave on British culture. When I look back on 2020 in ten year’s time, I’d like to think this image will conjure up all the highs and lows that we experienced.

 I have no idea what context this has been taken in. Is it staged? Is it a really aggressive episode of Question Time? Is this actually a Fire in the Booth? I think it’s better to be in the dark with these things.

For what it’s worth, it seems probable to me that he is singing the male backing vocal from the third and most passionate chorus from Bring Me To Life – Evidence-based purely on the angle he has the mic suspended.

So there you have our Secretary of State for Health to use his formal title, but I have a feeling that politics is just a cover for his slightly odd hobbies. At least he is promoting a healthy active lifestyle and an identified sock brand!

Feature Image Credits: Matthew Hancock MP by Policy Exchange, Creative Commons License

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