Protest against UoM to be held next week outside occupied Sam Alex building

The protest will be Monday at 8pm

Various protest groups within the University of Manchester plan to hold a protest on Monday evening.

It will take place outside the Samuel Alexander building in the main university quad, opposite Ali G and the library.

The groups protesting include NancyOut, UoM Rent Strike, Cops Off Campus UoM and Student Staff Solidarity UoM.

They are protesting for mental health support, rent alleviations and compensation for students, and against institutional racism in the University and the presence of police on campus.

Last term Manchester student Zac Adan said he was “racially profiled”, and was stopped by security guards. He says they accused him of being a “drug dealer”, and has been left “traumatised” by the incident.

The protest will be held outside Sam Alex in solidarity with the students currently occupying the building.

Protesters are asked to wear masks and black clothing.

There will be speeches from the different groups and from the occupiers of Sam Alex.

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