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UoM enrages staff, deducts UCU strike days from January payslips

The ‘genuine error’ has not gone unnoticed

UoM has 'accidentally' deducted eight days of pay from the January payslips of staff involved in the November and December 2019 industrial strikes.

Deductions for November striking dates were initially scheduled for January, while those who participated in December would see their pay removed during the month of February.

University of Manchester, Director of Human Resources, Karen Heaton has states the university intends to "rectify the mistake before pay day on Thursday 30 January".

However, the mistakes have received a slew of backlash online from staff and community members, with some lecturers reporting a loss of 16 days pay rather than eight,

Dr. Stephen Mossman, a lecturer of Medieval History, exclusively told The Tab Manchester that the UCU "accepts the University’s acknowledgement of error, and that it has not intentionally gone back on its word about how pay would be deducted."

Deductions have only occurred on payslips and therefore no staff have yet been paid for the month of January.

However, the university has yet to confirm whether bank charges as a result of reimbursement will be covered, with Karen Heaton suggesting lecturers merely contact the UoM HR department.

Industrial strikes occurred across the United Kingdom at 60 different universities regarding two seperate legal battles; poor working conditions and low pay and the status of pensions for senior members of staff.

Strikes are ongoing at institutions such as Coventry University which has already experienced two days of strikes this week.