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How to look extra Fallow this Halloween and make your housemates think you’re cool

It’s Fallow-een baby

Fallowfield halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you've left your costume to the last minute and looking desperately for some spooktastic inspiration, you've come to the right place. Put away your slutty cat outfit/Harley Quinn wig/chainsaw and prepare to scare.


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Join in the riveting culture of robbing/mugging/assault rife in Fallowfield by becoming a robber yourself. For added effect you could even break into someones house, and when you think they're scared enough wish them Happy Halloween and leave with some of their things: a bit like trick-or-treating, but the secret ingredient is crime.



Give your friends the ultimate scare by dressing as Fallows most iconically horrifying sight there is, OP Tower itself. Simply stab a few holes into the sides of a giant cardboard box and you're already the walking architecture of the real thing.


haha who knows what you're saying

Everyone loves Uni of Manchesters most iconic lecturer, and what better way to celebrate him than to become him en masse? Think slightly modernised Beatles hairstyle, dark clothes and gently soothing voice (Physics degree optional).


Relive first year all over again (or if you're first year, just be yourself). Simply give yourself the biggest hangover you can, have a key or two, put bucket hat on head and you're good to go scare some lecturers.


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Second year is all about really settling in and finding your place to live, so show everyone how much better your house is than theirs by becoming your own! Think along the lines of Kanye and Lil Pump, or just wear a normal Fallowfield puffa.


If you're in third year and going through an episode of near psychosis due to the stress of an upcoming Philosophy dissertation, why not channel that torment into a spooky Halloween outfit? Similarly to the Fresher Zombie, you don't have to try too hard: just put on a hospital gown and continue crying about how your life is about to end.


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Everyone loves Chesters, so everyone will love you when you become their personal mascot.


RIP in peace

Mourn the death (and totally unpredicted resurrection?!) of Antwerp Mansion by literally dressing up as death itself and holding an Antwerp sign above your head. To make your point even stronger, why not stand outside it at 11pm when it shuts?


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If you're hell bent on the world knowing you're a couple and want to show this through a couple's costume, why not use the dramatic raid of NZ Wines earlier this month as inspiration? The basic idea is that one of you is the shop and the other a policeman, but for a fun festive scare you could BOTH be policemen and burst into NZ Wines itself and make them think its happening again, Happy Halloween.


If you've got a lot of time on your hands and a hardcore Halloween enthusiast, why not become the Magic Bus? There's not a lot of help to give here, but if you watch those videos of stay-at-home dads surprising their kids you'll get the idea. All you really need is a cardboard box, some blue paint and a lot of ingenuity.


I owe it all to Pandora's

If you really can't put the revealing outfit away (it is Halloween after all so go on gal), why don't you become your very own lady of the night and support the local 'massage parlour' this Halloween? Cat ears and tail optional but not needed.


Tell the SU to fuck off with this outrageous outfit choice. Although it turns out clapping wasn't outright banned in the SU, (they were 'actually' just encouraging BSL 'jazz hands'), its still ridiculous enough to take the piss out of. All you need is your standard ghost sheet and a sad look about you as your right to clap is denied. You could even stand outside the SU for the whole of Halloween night and do it if you have no friends.


goodbye my lover

Upset your mum and impress NZ Wines by dressing up as your favourite psychoactive substance. Paint yourself silver or wear lots of tin foil, or just attach loads of balloons to yourself like Carl from Up. Or push the boat out even further and just become your own giant baggy, like this genius:

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fuck off

ResLife have the unfortunate job of draining the life from everything, like a vampire drains the life from his victims. If you're in halls this one's for you – become your favourite ResLife member by wearing a charming green T-shirt and lanyard, then turning up to afters uninvited and using your dry and soulless personality to ruin it all.

Hopefully these tips have given you some sort of inspiration for having a Fallow-tastic Halloween, but if not, then why not just go as yourself as the literal piece of shit you are.