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Islamophobic posters found on Manchester campus

The posters were found in SU

Racist posters containing strong anti-Islamic images have been spotted at Manchester uni.

The poster shows images of women in burqas and protestors from far right group, Generation Identity. Over the images are superimposed a series of questions: "Against mass immigration? Want to protect free speech? Love your English identity?"

Generation Identity are an "International Identitarian movement" that fights for "ethnopluralism," a hypothetical far right concept involving ethnical segregation.

Stand Up to Racism, an organisation that campaigns against all forms of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism, published a tweet this week denouncing a racist poster found in the Students' Union.

Further tweets show the same poster has been seen at multiple spots around campus.

One user praised Stand up to Racism's tweet and commented: "You should be treating this poster the same way you would a Swastika".

Stand up to Racism and Manchester students have already announced plans to protest today against Generation Identity on campus.