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RNCM student accuses friend of raping her because he was in a ‘bad mood’

He sent her facebook messages the next day asking how many people she had told

24 year old Adam Jordan stands accused of raping a fellow student from the Royal Northern College of Music. The victim allegedly reports that Jordan had been in a "bad mood", and that he sent her several "grovelling" facebook messages the next day. Her shouts for him to stop could be heard in the next room, but the court heard that he failed to register this.

On 31st January the two started drinking in a bar. Manchester Crown Court was informed that they then went back to his room where they drank a bit more, and then proceeded to have consensual sex.

They had previously slept together before, but this time, according to the victim, it turned violent twisting the situation from “what was a consensual episode, to something that wasn’t”

In an account to the police she said that Jordan experienced a “bad day” reportedly seeming agitated. It turned out that he was annoyed because a woman he liked had a boyfriend.

“His grip was quite strong and he felt quite heavy and I couldn’t move much” The victim added that she “asked him pretty quickly to stop”

When he abruptly stopped and left to shower she pretended to be asleep and then left in the morning.

A few days later Jordan asked how many people she’d told and whether she had marks on her body. In one of many Facebook message he said “I have done something beyond terrible and I don’t expect you to forgive me whatsoever”. Later she went to the police.

The alleged victim had reportedly turned down his offer to go out with him.

The prosecution claims that the day after the incident Jordan admitted to the rape saying “I feel f****** terrible about it”

The trial continues, but Jordan denies rape.