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A proposal to name a bin in the SU after Nick Clegg has been rejected

Shame cos it’s absolutely jokes

A proposal to name a bin in the University of Manchester Students’ Union after Sir Nick Clegg, as his actions have caused "significant impact on the students of Manchester" has been rejected.

The SU have been reached for comment, as the full motivation behind the proposal isn't yet clear. However, the proposal was tweeted, and stated that: “Sir Nick Clegg’s actions have caused significant impact on the students of Manchester.

"He helped usher in £9000 tuition fees which has helped us to focus our minds on us being consumers of a product, the “student experience”, “employability” and seeing higher education as a marketplace where unprofitable courses, or those teaching ideas not necessary for the marketplace are closed and those who teach them sacked.

“Sir Nick Clegg’s actions have caused significant impact on the political landscape of Manchester. Before he was Deputy PM, the Liberal democrats had 1 MP in Manchester and a third of the councillors. Now they have 1 councillor.

“This Union believes…naming a rubbish bin after Sir Nick Clegg would be a suitable tribute to his impact on the
student experience.”

The proposal was rejected earlier today at the SU Senate. The proposal that Fuse FM should have a dedicated space at every Pangaea festival was also rejected, but the proposal that re-usable water bottle will be stocked in the SU has been passed. You win some, you lose some.

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